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SKRL currently casts on twelve die cast machines that range from 800 to 1200 English tons in capacity. The breakdown of machines is as follows:
5 800 ton machines
4 950 ton machines
2 1000 ton machines
1 1200 ton machine
SKRL has used these machines to produce castings as small as three by three by one half inches and as large as twelve by twelve by twenty-four inches. The corresponding cast part weights range from less than one half pound to fifteen pounds. SKRL employs automatic dispensing of tip lubricant on all its jobs. Automatic ladling is also employed on many jobs, and automatic die spraying and part extraction is employed in programs where it will provide quantifiable benefits in cycle time or part quality.

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Post Processing Resources

SKRL currently approaches post-processing equipment on a job-by-job basis. SKRL employs lean manufacturing methodologies in the development of all of its post=processing operations to insure that these opeartions produce product that meets or exceeds the customer's quality expectations with as little time and cost is feasible. SKRL has milled, spot-faced, ground, drilled, and tapped its products and provided 100% automated verification of these operations where possible. Single station machining units, automated machining lines with up to five stations, and CNC's have been employed to machine SKRL products. Bolts, threaded inserts, dowel pins, pullys, gaskets, and baffles are just a few of the components that SKRL has assembled to its products using manual and automated techiniques. SKRL has functionally verified its product through gaging of parameters such as flatness and leak rate. these funtcional verifications are computerized and automated as part of the assembly process where possible.

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Die Cast Product Examples

Size Range Examples

Over its thirty-five year history SKRL has manufactured die castings that have ranged in weight from less than one half pound to approximately 20 pounds. The smallest die cast parts that SKRL has produced are water impellers, while the largest are high-volume gas meter bodies and oil pans. The vast majority of SKRL's parts, however, have been between two and ten pounds in weight, which is why SKRL considers itself to be primarily a producer of small to medium-sized die castings. Click on either picture at right to view a cross-section of SKRL's products by size.

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Assembled Product Examples

SKRL has manufactured many assemblies for its autommotive customers since it began die casting in 1967. SKRL has assembled fasteners, gaskets, baffles, pullys, and many other components to its castings to produce finished assemblies. Functional verifications are often performed to insure that the products will meet the customers' quality requirements as assemblies. Click on either picture at right to view more of the assemblies that SKRL has produced.

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High Appearance Standard Examples

SKRL supplies numerous castings co its customers that are visible on the outside of the customers' final products. Therefore these products must maintain a high visual standard to meet the customer's quality expectations. SKRL's extensive work on the optimization of proess parameters and the high skill level its personnel insure that it can manufacture product to meet or exceed the most stringent appearance standards that our customers specify. Click on either picture at right to vieww more SKRL products with high appearance standards.

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